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2.1 Production Capability:more than 50 million pieces Finish goods ( including stamping, machining, plating, washing etccomprehensive productivity

2.2 Mould Developing and Manufacturing Capability: 25 sets of Progressive Die or 25 sets of Compound Die per month

2.3 R&D Capability:design and develop metal parts according to customer’s requirement&also provide suggestions for improvement.Besides involving in customer’s drawing design , we also provide customer the reasonable material choosing, surface treatment and manufacture technology with professional technology and experience.

2.4.Our people have been working more than 20 years at Orienson which services the world top 500 enterprise. We have very experienced mold designers. They understand the products well in different fields, like production process, structure, function, and the terminal application. Orienson has 10 senior engineers with 18 years designing experience, 19 intermediate engineers, We can design precision progressive die like in-die riveting, in-die tapping and insert molding terminal tooling. Our monthly tooling R&D capability can reach to 25 sets.    

2.5.Customers served include New Energy car charging Pile products, Optical fiber series, electrical series, Communications, Electronics, Temperature control series, Medical, Aerospace and other industries. Among many others looking for high-quality metal parts at a fair and economical price. We are dedicated to the highest quality and responsive customer service.