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Why is the stamping part unqualified after bending

Nov. 17, 2020

Stamping parts are a kind of metal processing products that are widely used and can be seen everywhere in life. Stamping parts processing plants When processing metal stamping parts, they will encounter some problems. Only when these problems are solved can they be better produced. When the stamping parts are subjected to bending processing, the product size will appear unqualified. Then we analyze as hereunder:

1. The rebound of raw materials causes the size of stamping parts to be unqualified

Countermeasures to reduce rebound:

Using stamping raw materials with large ductility coefficient and small yield limit and stable physical properties.

Improve the calibration process, choose calibration bending instead of free bending;

Before bending, the raw materials should be quenched, so that the cold-worked hard-bottomed raw materials are softened in advance and then bent into shape;

If deformation occurs in the whole process of the stamping die and cannot be removed; the inclination of the punch and the die should be removed or repaired, and the gap between the punch and the die should be equivalent to the thickness of the material.

Expand the total contact area between the die and the stamping parts, and reduce the total contact area between the punch and the stamping parts.

Choose the method of "giving luck" to reduce the harm of rebound.

2. The positioner is damaged and deformed, and the precise positioning of the strip is prohibited. The positioner must be replaced with a new one.

3. In a non-guided bending die, when adjusting on the press, the lower dead center of the slide block of the press is not properly adjusted, which will also cause the size of the stamping and bending parts to be unqualified.

4. The pressing equipment of the abrasive tool is not working well or the pressing effect cannot be achieved at all. Be sure to adjust the pressing force again or replace the compression spring to make everything normal in work.