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ORIENSON works in the most significant industries and production fields. This allows it to extend its acquired experience to a specific goods sector where it did not exist.

The customer-oriented approach, the extensive know-how, focus on innovation and high quality standards are some of the factors that allows ORIENSON to be recognized and appreciated in many industrial and non-industrial fields.

Expertise ranges from optical fiber communication, automotive, electrical industries.

ORIENSON has acquired extensive experience in each of these fields where the knowledge of materials, production processes,surface treatment and typical industry needs allows it to efficiently and innovatively respond customer requests on both the technical-quality and economic levels.

ORIENSON started to cooperate with FINISAR from 2013, the global leader of Optical fiber communication field. Stainless steel SFP enclosure, springs, clip, retainers and other precision metal stamping parts are provided. ORIENSON aims to provide professional metal stamping parts solutions for SFP module housing and optical transceiver modules.